The Journey to kindergarten is one of the major milestones in a child’s life. This new and exciting experience can be intimidating to both the child and parent/guardian. Planning and preparing for kindergarten early on, will create a smooth transitioning process.

The Kindergarten Transitions program provides kindergarten readiness and transition activities that will increase teacher knowledge and strengthen the transition process across grades as teachers share knowledge through professional development. This program also provides information, materials and training to parents of pre-k children who have not been served by formal child care/pre-k programs.

Kindergarten Info for Families

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction offers great resources for Early Lerning Info for Families

Visit their website at

For information about literacy from Birth to  Preschool, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, and Early Literacy


Early Learning Info for Families

The Office of Early Learning has created a newsletter to support kindergarten teachers as they make data-driven and research-informed decisions in the classroom to support continued development and learning for all children.

VBisit their website at

For information about Transition to Kindergarten, Play to Learn Center, Practice of Play, and the NC Early Learning Inventory.

For more information call 252-226-9426